I Am Involved Because…by Paul Savage

Sexual assault and child abuse are so prevalent that it is hard to imagine how anyone escapes. The most recent statistics I have heard are that:

-every 10 seconds another case of child abuse is reported

-every 2 seconds there is another rape

-5 to 6 children will die today because of abuse or neglect

If you are not a victim yourself, then it is likely that you love someone who is.  I firmly believe that if all of the victims and the people who love them stand up, then together


So what is “I AM INVOLVED BECAUSE” about?

Inspired by The Vagina & Mending Monologues, this project is a mobile installation, web presence, and a book. Through art, we can talk about and share ideas that we might not otherwise be able to. Art has the ability to cross the social barriers.

I am involved because as a photographer I feel I have a duty to use my gift to try and make this world a better place. I have a gift of being able to discover and reveal in photos the depth and richness I see in the people around me. I have always hoped to find a way to use this to some greater purpose.

Without sharing the tools, triggers, and techniques involved, I would like to let these photos speak for themselves. I hope you agree that it is virtually impossible to look at any of these images and not be moved.

I am loaning out these images to theaters, schools, galleries, coffee shops…I think these images will be very difficult to walk past without investing at least a little time trying to figure them out. That is the hook. I believe that by the time someone figures out what they are seeing they will have seen enough to carry at least a seed of thought away with them. That is awareness raising!

The big picture for this project is to reach out to those who would normally reject hearing about this issue by capturing in these shots “someone” that everyone can relate to and also by making these available common public spaces. In addition to spaces such as coffee shops, offices, and theatres, my hope it to be able to take a large empty gallery and cover every square inch with a person, their face, their statement, their passion and pain, their bare soul.    


By being photographed I am offering you a simple way to get involved. This is a chance to combine your voice with others and a chance to actively reach millions of people while only having to commit to less than an hour of time.

As a side note, I am selling books with the original 50 photos as a fundraiser for this project. I hope that you will see this as an opportunity to invest in change. I hope that by having this book somewhere on your shelf or table… that you will be able to reach out and share with your loved ones and friends in a passive and/or active way. It will also be possible to purchase your own shot as a print and some select others that are particularly inspiring. All money over costs will be donated to other organizations who support victims, raise awareness, and/or in some other way are important to ending sexual and other violence.

PLEASE show your support by volunteering to be photographed for this project, buying a book, and inviting this installation to stand at your event.

To have your photo taken, please email me with “I am involved” in the subject and let me know approximate times you might be available to meet me at my studio in downtown San Diego. Also, with larger groups I am willing to travel to your location. If your group is outside my local area, I would certainly need help with travel expences but I am certainly willing and able to come to you.     

To borrow the installation for your event / venue please email me with “I am involved” in the subject and let me know the details.    

To buy a book ($50 – see images at www.iaminvolvedbecause.org) please email me with “I am involved” in the subject and let me know how you would like to pay and where I need to ship it (or if you will be picking it up when you have your photo taken). I am having these printed per order so it will take about two weeks from when I receive payment.

I do need help with the printing and displaying costs so please email me with “I am involved” in the subject and let me know you would like to donate to help me buy supplies or to forward directly onto the cause.  


Paul Savage  psavage@shotbyasavage.com




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