Who is Involved?

You.  You are involved.  You have decided that you are going to walk out, for a day or for even 20 minutes, and join the dance.  Who’ll be dancing with you?

Members of the worldwide V-Day movement, People throughout the Nation, thousands of people in San Dan Diego.  Once you sign up (at OnebillionRising.org) you will be connected to us all.

Thanks for joining with V-Day.org, InnerMission Productions and a growing list of participants, including:


The Center for Community Solutions is our partner/sponsor for the rally in Balboa Park, thanks CCS!

UNA logo

The United Nations Association of San Diego, a program of the UN Foundation is our partner/sponsor for the march.  Thanks, UNA!

Eveoke LogoEveoke Dance Theatre is sponsoring OBR and the Vagina Monologues.  Thanks a ton!

And you!

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