From V-Day

The devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought to New York City, parts of New Jersey and the surrounding areas could not have been imagined. As a movement that was born in New York City, V-Day is fully committed to supporting women and girls who are in need. We have done so in the past in places like post-Katrina New Orleans and in Haiti, after the devastating earthquake that rocked Port au Prince in 2010.Our experience supporting women and girls in these disaster zones, and in other conflict zones around the world, has shown us that they are often the glue that holds families and communities together. We must support them.

Across New York City – from lower Manhattan to Red Hook, Coney Island to Staten Island and the Rockaways, and in parts of New Jersey – many have been traumatized by Sandy, left without shelter, heat and electricity, often in unsafe and dark situations. Others have been forced to evacuate domestic violence shelters that were hit by the storm, in effect making a difficult situation even worse.

We urge you to give what you can, and then give more. Please support our sisters in need! If you are interested in donating funds to support women and girls, please visit the following link. 100% of your donation will go towards relief efforts that support women and girls who have been traumatized by the storm:

We are currently in conversation with our partners who are providing essential services to support women and girls in Sandy’s aftermath. In the coming weeks, we will assess the best way to put your generosity to work and will update our network about the organizations we choose to support. As always, we will be looking for community based, grassroots groups that serve women and girls, prioritize anti-violence initiatives, and take an intersectional approach to their work.

At this time we send our love and strength to those who are without shelter, electricity, heat, and water. We are with you.

With love,

The V-Day Team


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