One Billion Rising Checklist


– Wednesday, 13 Feb: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Anne Hathaway
– Wednesday, 13 Feb: Piers Morgan Tonight – Jane Fonda
– Wednesday, 13 Feb: The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell – Rosario Dawson

– Thursday, 14 Feb: Democracy Now – Eve Ensler Calling In Live From Congo
– Thursday, 14 Feb: CNN International – Thandie Newton Live from London

Katie Couric Rises Up for “One Billion Rising” on Katie! >

V-Board Member Thandie Newton with Jon Snow on Channel 4 >
V-Board Member Kerry Washington on Katie! >

Your One Billion Rising Event Check-List

RISERS are you ready? We know there are a lot of details to remember so we wanted to send you a quick One Billion Rising Check-List to help you make sure you have your bases covered!


  • LOCATION: Make sure your Rising is on the Map so people can find it and attend
  • VOLUNTEERS: Do you have a great group of volunteers to help you?
  • PERMITS: Do you have permits from venue and police, if needed?
  • PROMOTION: Do you have banners and flyers and picket posters?
  • PERFORMANCE: Have you asked someone to read Eve Ensler’s newest Monologue “Rising”? Download
  • SHOW THE WORLD: We want you to document this historic day! Ensure you have people in the crowd videoing, photographing, recording your event.  Then post on facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagram and Google+ so that the world can see what you are doing to end violence against women!
  • LIVE STREAM: We’ve got a simple “How to”  that will give you all the details to get your event is seen round the world!
  • #1BillionRising: Get #1BillionRising Trending! Join our #1BillionRising online flash mob on Thunderclap! And please ask your friends and followers to join us too
  • MEDIA: Have you reached out to engage the Media? Follow these easy Media Tips
  • ATTIRE: Have you told your crowds to wear Red & Black? Dress in One Billion Rising colors to let people know you are part of a movement!!
  • STRIKE: Moment of Solidarity! Choose a time during the day to take a moment, join together with your colleagues, fellow students, family members, and friends, and leave your workplaces, schools, and homes and be together as one
  • V-MEN: Have you made every effort to get men involved! Invite them to the event, to dance and stand in solidarity.  Spread the word with the The Man Prayer, Jarvis Green Interview, and multiple I Am Rising’ videos from men across the planet
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