From One Billion Rising International

In Less Than Five Weeks the World will RISE!

We are less than five weeks away from ONE BILLION RISING on 14 February 2013!

As we dance upon the path to ONE BILLION RISING, our email boxes are full of amazing stories, beautiful photos and messages of solidarity to RISE. Facebook is on fire with reasons to rise, and twitter is abuzz with thousands of tweets from South Africa to India.

If you have not signed up to start a RISING in your community, or have not joined an existing RISING, then please do so today!

Start/Join >

At 182, we are just 14 countries away from having One Billion Rising events in every country on the planet on 14 February 2013. SEE our event map >

Here’s a sampling of ONE BILLION RISING activities happening around the world now and on 14 February:

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