One Billion Rising Anthem

We Have An Anthem!

“Break The Chain” by Tena Clark & Music Video with Debbie Allen Released Today!
The Song To Call Up ONE BILLION

V-Day is thrilled to announce the release of the ONE BILLION RISING anthem entitled Break The Chain and the accompanying music video!

WATCH Break The Chain >

Written and produced by legendary music dynamo Tena Clark

, with music by Tena Clark and Tim Heintz, Break The Chainfeatures an impressive cast of V-Girl activists and New York-based singers: Liz Byrne, Shelea Frazier, Ashley Juedy, Dana Kluczyk, Jenny Mollett, Jenna Brooke Scannelli, Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa, Naomi Walley, and Caitlin Witty.

The song moves us beyond words, and now you can move with it! Dance ICON, and award winning choreographer Debbie Allen

has choreographed a dance just for ONE BILLION RISING. The music video features Allen with the over 80 teen V-Girls and singers bringing their radical RISING energy to locations across NYC.

“Dance is dangerous, joyous, sexual, holy, disruptive, contagious, it breaks the rules. It can happen anywhere, anytime, with anyone and everyone, and it’s free. Dancing insists we take up space, we go there together in community. Dance joins us and pushes us to go further and that is why it’s at the center of ONE BILLION RISING. With infectious music and lyrics from Tena Clark, amazing vocals by a talented group of V-Girls, and Debbie Allen’s bold choreography, Break The Chain is the anthem that will call up One Billion to rise.” – Eve Ensler

Produced by Eve Ensler and V-Day, the video was directed and shot by South African filmmaker Tony Stroebel, who also co-directed and shot the ONE BILLION RISING short film


WATCH Break The Chain >

SHARE Break The Chain with your friends and networks and make sure everyone you know watches this video and joins the campaign!

Here’s are some samples tweets & posts:

It’s time 2 Break The Chain of #vaw. #1billionrising music vid is here w/ @MsDebbieAllen

! Watch it, Pls RT!

Break The Chain is the anthem I’ve been dreaming of for #1billionrising – @eveensler

– Watch it, RT it!

Watch the #1billionrising anthem, featuring V-Girl activists led by iconic choreographer @MsDebbieAllen

It’s time to Break The Chain of violence against women and girls! The One Billion Rising music vid is here w/ amazing music by Tena Clark and choreography by Debbie Allen with cast of V-Girl dancers & activists – Watch it, share it now –

READ the press release >

COMING SOON: “How To” Dance Video for Break The Chain from Choreographer Debbie Allen!

You’ve heard the song, you’ve seen the dance, and soon you’ll be able to learn the moves! Debbie is preparing a special “How To” video in which she will teach you how to Break The Chain! Our dream is that activists and supporters everywhere create flash mobs all over the world united in song and dance on February 14th!

Make Break The Chain a Part of Your RISING! Have YOU signed up for ONE BILLION RISING? Join us at!

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5 Responses to One Billion Rising Anthem

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  2. Nancy Parkinson says:

    please Tena – any chance you could post chords and lyrics to break the chain… much appreciated – we want to play it and drum it for our dancers!

  3. Mike de Souza says:

    Unbelievable, greatest production I have ever seen and very infectious.

  4. Jackie Dash says:

    FANTASTIC!!! Jackie Dash

  5. lilliAn Balsz says:

    This has so touched me. Want to put the tune in my ipad. How do I buy it. It is not available on I tunes. thanks lilliAn

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